The Elecraft KX3 Books

With the expansion of the KX3 to include the KXPA100, PX3, and 2M and 4M options, many operators are finding the need for consolidated tutorials for the entire product line based on their operating preferences.

To answer this need, our already popular line of books has been expanded to include the entire KX3 product line.  Known as the KX-Line, we now address the entire integrated product line for operators who want to maximize the value and potential they provide.

How would you use the KX3 books?

Any operator will benefit from the KE7X books.  Here are some reasons to consider them:

  • Operators who want to get more out of their station.
  • Operators who want to explore new modes of operating they have yet to try.
  • Operators who want to understand how the KX-Line works.
  • Operators who want to explore all the features of the KX-line.
  • Operators who want to adapt the KX-Line for operating with other devices, antennas, add new functions or solve unique problems.

Choosing the right books

 Which book should I order?
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 Shack Use
 Portable Use
To add the KXPA and PX3 to my station
 Full size: The Elecraft KX-Line - The Complete Station    
 X X 
 Portable size: The Portable Elecraft KX3 - Going to the Summit with the KX3 and 2M/4M
 Full size:  The Elecraft KXPA100, PX3 and 2M/4M Transverter, 2nd. Ed.
Free PDF: PX3 Text Mode pdf download