The Elecraft KX-Line - The Complete Station

The Elecraft KX3-Line includes the amazing KX3 and its companions – the PX3 panadapter, the KXPA100 amplifier and auto antenna tuner, and the KX3-2M/4M VHF transverter.  The KX3’s state-of-the-art Software Defined Radio architecture provides an amazing array of capabilities and functionality, all in a palmtop box.  Adding the KXPA100 amplifier, PX3 panadapter, and the KX3-2M/4M gives us a 100-watt, all-mode radio with coverage from 160 to 2 meters.  This book covers the details needed to add these to your basic KX3 and to understand and operate the KXPA100 amplifier, the PX3 panadapter, and the KX-2M/4M VHF transverter.  This new book is 255 pages of 8.5"x11", spiral bound KX3 information.  It includes updated KX3 details from the The Elecraft KX3 -- Going for the Summit and includes all operational information for the KXPA100 Amplifier, KXAT100 Automatic Antenna Tuner, the PX3 Panadapter, and the KX3-2M/4M VHF Transverter.  (Updated to firmware revisions: KX3 - 2.33, PX3 - 1.25, KXPA100 - 1.35)

Spiral bound, Printed Copy
Order KX3 Books from Elecraft (Scroll down to just above the 2 meter module section.  Stock number E740241)

Electronic PDF Copy
An electronic pdf file is available from  It is formatted for electronic reading and while it has all the material the printed versions have, it won't have a full table of contents or the comprehensive index because electronic readers can use their search function easier than looking things up in a index.  Purchasers of the electronic version may make a backup and hard copy for themselves.

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Jan 15, 2016, 7:37 AM