The Elecraft KXPA100, PX3, and 2M/4M Transverter, 2nd. Ed.

New  1/14/2016:  Second edition.

The Elecraft KX3-Line includes the amazing KX3 and its companions – the PX3 panadapter, the KXPA100 amplifier and auto antenna tuner, and the KX3-2M/4M VHF transverter.  The KX3’s state-of-the-art Software Defined Radio architecture provides an amazing array of capabilities and functionality, all in a palmtop box.  Adding the KXPA100 amplifier, PX3 panadapter, and the KX3-2M/4M gives us a 100-watt, all-mode radio with coverage from 160 to 2 meters.  This book covers the details needed to add these to your basic KX3 and to understand and operate the KXPA100 amplifier, the PX3 panadapter, and the KX-2M/4M VHF transverter.  Owners of KE7X’s The Elecraft KX3 – Going to the Summit first edition will find this to be a valuable addition to their library.  (Updated to firmware revisions: KX3 - 2.34, PX3 - 1.39, KXPA100 - 1.35)

This book bridges the gap between The Elecraft KX-Line -- The Complete Station and The Portable Elecraft KX3 -- Going for the Summit.  It
covers the KXPA100 amplifier and tuner, the PX3 panadapter, and the 2M/4M transverter.   It is designed for the traveler/backpacker who uses The Portable Elecraft KX3 on the road and who has the rest of the KX-Line station at home.

Spiral bound, Printed Copy
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Jan 15, 2016, 7:27 AM
Fred Cady,
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