The Portable KX3

The Portable Elecraft KX3 -- Going for the Summit with the KX3 and KX3-2M/4M

This 6" x 9" spiral bound hard copy is designed to go on the road or to the summit with you.  It fits nicely into Rose's KX3 case.  It contains all KX3 information needed for portable operation including the KX3-2M/4M transverter module.  Changes from the first edition include updates to account for firmware changes and the addition of a chapter on the KX3-2M/4M transverter.  This handy, portable book does not include the KXPA100, KXAT100, or PX3 Panadapter.  Order The Elecraft KXPA100, PX3, and 2M/4M Transvert or The Elecraft KX-Line -- The Complete Station for your stay-at-home copy to cover the entire KX-Line. 
(Updated to firmware revisions: KX3 - 2.33)

Spiral bound, Printed Copy

Order KX3 Books from Elecraft (Scroll down to just above the 2 meter module section.  Stock number E740242.)

An electronic PDF version is not available for this book.  Order the KX-Line PDF book instead.