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The Elecraft K3 Book

Changes From the First Edition

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1. Ordering Your K3
K3 roofing filters -- what are they, how do they work, what should you buy?
2. Configuring and Calibrating the K3
Using the K3 Utility Program
3. K3 Operations
Information for all modes
CW, SSB, AM, FM, Digital modes
Computer interfacing
4. K3 Operating Hints and Kinks
Reducing interference and noise
Digging out that DX station
Oops, why is it doing that?
5. K3 Receiver
Block and schematic diagrams
AGC -- how it works and how to set it up
The Sub Receiver
K3 antenna switching
Diversity reception
6. K3 Transmitter
Block and schematic diagrams
Transmitter ALC
7. The KIO3
8. Special Operations
Digital voice recorder
PR6 Six meter preamplifier
Using an amplifier
9. The P3 Panadapter
A. How to interface many of the microphones used with the K3
B. RS232 interfaces and troubleshooting
C. Per-band, Per-mode configurations
D. Safe monaural speaker connections
E. Main and Configuration menus
F. Update software version tracking sheet
Highly Cross-referenced Index