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The Elecaft P3, SVGA, and Tx Monitor

This book is for people who have a K3 and are either thinking about adding the P3 panadapter or have one now and want to have more complete operating instructions. This material is the same as that in the P3 chapter in The Elecraft K3S and P3 and The Elecraft K3 and P3, 3rd Edition. It covers the operation of the P3, and the SVGA and TxMon options. Information is current for P3 firmware version 1.54 and SVGA firmware version 1.25

Printed copies are available at www.lulu.com (check Lulu discount codes) and pdf copies as below.

Table of Contents

Version changes:  See pdf files listed below.

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Fred Cady,
May 10, 2017, 8:58 AM