Ham Radio Digital Modes

Much of the fun hams are having these days to using their computers to operator on old and new digital modes.  These include one of the earliest (aside from CW), radio teletype (RTTY).  RTTY is a "keyboard-to-keyboard" mode, meaning that two stations "talk" to one another by typing on their keyboards.  Another popular mode of this type is Phase Shift Keying -- PSK.  With the advent of more powerful station computers, and advanced communication mode called "Weak Signal Communications -- WSJT".  These modes are more "computer-to-computer" and signal processing algorithms in the computer pull astonishingly weak signal out of the noise to complete a QSO.  Note that there is some controversy over these contacts and whether they should be counted as "real" contacts. Nonetheless, Chapter 14.  Digital Modes describes a variety of these available at the time of book printing.
Fred Cady,
Nov 20, 2018, 7:34 PM