Ham Radio Operating Tips

Chapter 5.  Operating Tips offers a plethora tips for getting on the air and not sounding like a total bozo.  Making contacts on HF and VHF are shown to be different.  Hints for SSB and QRP (low power) operating are given.  CW operating techniques and tips including learning the Morse code and how to transmit on the right frequency (called zero-beating).  A section on DX shows many of the tools used today by operators to work those elusive DX stations for the DXCC and other awards.  A key technique to learn is split operating where you and the station you are trying to work are on different frequencies. 

No room for a station or antennas at home?  You may want to try HF mobiling.  VE3YT gives us a good look at how he as set up his HF mobile station.

Got a wanderlust?  We show you how and where to apply for licenses to operate in foreign countries.

Fred Cady,
Nov 18, 2018, 7:13 PM