How do ham radio antennas work

To understand how the antennas described in the next chapter work and how to tune them to be as efficient as possible, Chapter 7.  Antennas and Antenna Tuning describes the measurements, -- decibels (dB) -- that are used to quantify how different antennas perform.  It shows us why just a simple wire hanging off the back of your radio isn't a very good antenna. 

Once you have selected an antenna to use, you must connect it to your radio with a feedline or transmission line.  Different antennas need different feedlines and we show these.  Your next steps are to optimize your transmission system so that it transmits the maximum power it is capable of.  This may require "matching" and using devices called "baluns" to confine the signal from your transmitter to the transmission line and then to the antenna to be radiated as a transmitted signal.

Fred Cady,
Nov 19, 2018, 6:36 PM