Reader's Reviews

I just downloaded the PDF version from and, in my first hour or so
with it, have found it great-reading so far -- in fact so much so that I
went back and also ordered a paper copy. As a new ham (licensed
Technician and General last spring) I'm find there's a lot of
well-explained, very practical content that I can't find covered as
concisely anywhere else. Congratulations! Frank K6FOD

I bought the PDF version of this book. I was first licensed in 1977 but
I still find something interesting every time I go and read it. I really
enjoy your writing style. I have the KX2 and KXPA100 manuals as well.

These days we seem to do a really good job of getting new people
licensed. Often though, that's when we stop teaching and they don't
always become amateur radio operators! I think your book will help fill
that need and I hope to encourage the new hams in the area to get a copy
so we can continue discussing "how it's done."  Tim N9PUZ