Reader's Reviews

Thanks Gary.

"I just downloaded the PDF version from and, in my first hour or so with it, have found it great-reading so far -- in fact so much so that I went back and also ordered a paper copy. As a new ham (licensed Technician and General last spring) I'm find there's a lot of well-explained, very practical content that I can't find covered as concisely anywhere else. Congratulations! Frank K6FOD"

"I bought the PDF version of this book. I was first licensed in 1977 but I still find something interesting every time I go and read it. I really enjoy your writing style. I have the KX2 and KXPA100 manuals as well."

"These days we seem to do a really good job of getting new people licensed. Often though, that's when we stop teaching and they don't always become amateur radio operators! I think your book will help fill that need and I hope to encourage the new hams in the area to get a copy so we can continue discussing "how it's done."  Tim N9PUZ"

"I like the approach you use in presenting the material.  I think it would have more meaning to prospective Technician Licensees."

"I think that new hams will find a lot of practical information that could answer many of their questions that they have about assembling a station and getting on the air. Certainly while teaching a license course we touch on most of these things, but in 20 or so class hours you cannot go into too much depth on any one topic."

"Wow you and your friend put a lot of effort in your book. Great job.  It is a great starter for hams that are beginning and it is in plain English.  I don’t like non-engineers trying to read information that they know nothing about.  Discouraging new hams is counterproductive in my opinion."

"I'm extremely impressed after reading the first chapter you sent.  In appears to be the very well laid out 'learn as you go and need it' resource book." 

"Your book is awesome on what things can be done in the hobby. Something I think is a HUGE need. Proper etiquette. In depth about why should a new ham radio operator get on the air ( including repeaters) often. How to incorporate ham radio in their lifestyle. What is considered rude on the repeaters? Why is 73s silly since it is already plural. It is ok to say "(call sign) Testing" instead of kerchunking the repeater since kerchunking will not tell the operator a single thing about signal strength and audio level. So many things missing out of ham radio books."

"I received a great book the other day: "The Successful Ham Radio Operator's Handbook". I sat down to read and I was totally gripped. Superb book, guys! If only something like that had been available back in the day. It should be compulsory reading for all hams, old and new. I should have it read cover to cover before New Year."