The Elecraft K3S Book

Congratulations!  You've  purchased a high performance station.  This book shows you how to quickly connect and configure it, and it will help you stretch into new modes or styles of operation where you can benefit from K3S AND P3 features you haven't been using.  It is organized in a clear and concise way for both the expert and the beginner.

This 324 page book follows the same format as the popular “The Elecraft K3 – Design, Configuration, and Operation“ with greatly expanded operating instructions and explanations. It includes over 160 diagrams for you visual learners and 43 exercises showing how to use K3s features for those who learn by doing. A complete table of contents can be found below.  The K3s book is available in spiral-bound printed form with a full-color cover from Elecraft, or as a specially formatted pdf file from (Updated to firmware levels: K3 - 5.35, P3 - 1.54)

Should I Update my K3 with K3s Parts?