The Elecraft KX2 -- Ultra Portable, Handheld, HF Rig

This 6" x 9" spiral bound hard copy is designed to go on the road or to the summit with you.  It fits nicely into Rose's KX2 case.  It contains all KX2 information needed for portable and home base operation.  This handy, portable book has a brief explanation for including the KXPA100 amplifier and the KXAT100 antenna tuner but users may want to purchase The KX2 Companion's Guide to the KXPA100 and KXAT100 for additional explanations on how the amplifier and tuner work.

KX2 Table of Contents

Version changes.  See pdf files listed below.

Spiral bound, Printed Copy

Order printed KX2 Books from Elecraft (Scroll down to just above the KX3 order section.  Stock number E740305.)

An electronic PDF version is available for this book.  

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May 10, 2017, 8:35 AM